PC PAL is a software house specialising in the development of database applications for the pharmaceutical, private and public health care sectors. With systems in over 50 countries we are experienced in Treatment centred Phase III Clinical Trial & Phase IV Post Marketing Surveillance studies, Patient centred Electronic Records and Management Systems and Community wide Electronic Health Records

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PC PAL Growth Chart Components are a unique range of software routines specifically developed to construct any graph format and draw superb quality images from population reference data. These complete and fully customisable solutions, provide the means to fully integrate professional paediatric growth charts into applications for hospitals and child health monitoring systems.

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Growth XP is a complete electronic patient record for managing growth and puberty data from birth to adulthood. The application accurately constructs any chart and format from population reference data so that standard national charts can be replicated† or custom designs supplied to your specification.

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Definition of Auxology

Auxology is a meta-term covering the study of all aspects of human physical growth (though it is also a fundamental of biology, generally speaking).

Auxology is a highly multi-disciplinary science involving health sciences/medicine (pediatrics, general practice, endocrinology, neuroendocrinology, physiology, epidemiology), and to a lesser extent: nutrition, genetics, anthropology, anthropometry, ergonomics, history, economic history, economics, socioeconomics, sociology, public health and psychology, among others.

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Studying Human Growth and Development
Ed.: Michael Hermanussen

"I highly recommend this comprehensive, educational and entertaining book on all aspects of auxology by Professor Hermanussen. It's a fascinating read, packed with the facts you need if you want to get up-to-date with the current state of art in the field. It is richly illustrated with 270 colour figures, making it easy to just browse. More in-depth articles are provided by internationally recognized specialists of their respective areas."

Jani Söderhäll, Managing Director, PC PAL

"The book is of greatest interest to all pediatricians, to medical students and students of human biology, health workers, nutritionists, medical staff and professionals interested in child and adolescent growth and development."

International Journal of Anthropology

"It has lots of bright, easy to understand diagrams, photos, funny cartoons, and imaginary letters and conversations to break up the text, which is in bite-size chunks, and full of coloured words and bold phrases to aid skim-readers."

Professor Gary Butler, MD

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